More Than Just  A Candle Company

More Than Just A Candle Company

Created to celebrate the feminine spirit, Eliana Fragrance crafts unique scent blends you will find nowhere else. Fragrance blends are carefully chosen to represent the diverse aspects of femininity, such as strength, resilience, grace, and beauty.

The combination of scents, design, and intention create a powerful and inspiring experience that celebrates women for who they are, promotes self-love, self-care, and inner peace.

Each combination of scents is carefully selected and crafted to represent every woman.

Mission & Core Values


Our mission is to build a brand that will not only meet the needs of its core customers, but also create a community of women that see themselves as being the brand itself.


Core Values

Eliana Fragrance values:

  • Humility
  • Uniqueness
  • Individuality
  • Commitment
  • Exceptionality