More Than Just  A Candle Company

More Than Just A Candle Company

Created to celebrate the feminine spirit, Eliana Fragrance crafts unique scent blends you will find nowhere else. Fragrance blends are carefully chosen to represent the diverse aspects of femininity, such as strength, resilience, grace, and beauty.

The combination of scents, design, and intention create a powerful and inspiring experience that celebrates women for who they are, promotes self-love, self-care, and inner peace.

Each combination of scents is carefully selected and crafted to represent every woman.

Who We Are

ELIANA FRAGRANCE is an artisan candle company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We make unique candles with memorable names dedicated to celebrating the feminine spirit.

Our candles are 100% natural made from premium soy wax. Eliana Fragrance candles are eco-friendly, free of additives, colorants, phthalates, and toxins.

Our beautifully packaged, high-scented, high-quality natural soy candles are hand-crafted and hand-poured in small batches making them perfect gifts and a nice treat to every woman. By lighting the scent they love, women express their individuality and personalities. Eliana Fragrance delivers what candle lovers are looking for in a candle. Each candle will light up any room and create an aroma-therapeutic atmosphere.


Why Eliana Fragrance?

Eliana Fragrance was founded in 2019 by Laetitia Mfamobani, aka The Candle Queen. Her desire to create Eliana Fragrance was born when she realized that there was no brand on the market that was specifically dedicated to celebrating and recognizing women, who are often seeking for products that speak directly to them, tell a story and make a real emotional connection.

Women are emotional but unique beings, bearing different faces and characters, playing different roles and taking on numerous responsibilities. They can be soft and nurturing but also powerful and strong. With women being the most frequent users of candles, Laetitia soon recognized a deep correlation between women and scented candles – women are similitude to scents.

Each and every woman can find themselves in Eliana Fragrance scented candles.


 About the Owner

Laetitia Mfamobani, a versed crafter with an amazing sense of smell, a sense that has developed so much since she lost her sight. Ms. Mfamobani has been a fragrance lover since childhood. As an adult she always tried to make her own body butter, potpourri, scented candles, etc. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was always helping her mother with various business ventures including running a snack bar, rental properties, fruits and vegetables kiosk. On her own she has managed several side hustles. Eliana Fragrance gives Laetitia the opportunity to fulfill her burning desire to make women feel special.